1. 32nd CROATIAN ONE-MINUTE FILM FESTIVAL is organized by GFR FILM – VIDEO, Požega and will take place on June 5 – 9, 2024 in Požega, Croatia.


  1. The festival is open to all foreign and Croatian film/video makers older than 15 who are allowed to send an unlimited number of entries.


  1. The length of videos must not be longer than 60 seconds (including all titles and sound).


  1. Entries should be sent in PAL system as a video file(s) (mp4, mov, avi or wmv) via the internet.

The beginning of each entry should be properly marked unless each is sent as separate file via the internet.


There are 3 categories -films in category B can also be entered in category A.

Filmmakers should be older than 15.


CATEGORY A – OPEN (GENERAL) CATEGORY: send your one-minute films of any topic or genre.


CATEGORY B – TRAVEL AND TOURIST-PROMOTINAL FILMS: send your one-minute films that you’ve taken during your journeys, films presenting your town, county, state, their natural and cultural beauties or their  tourist potential.


CATEGORY C – FILMS MADE BY THE USE OF AI:  with the progress in the development of the AI  numerous options in creating (generating) pictorial and video art pieces appeared.. Use this unique oportunity and test the possibilities of advanced technologies. Send us your one-minute film(s) generated by the use of AI.


  1. CATEGORY A – Pre-selection will be done by the jury appointed by the organizers and Grand Prix and 3 best entries in the official programme will be awarded by the international jury of film/video experts with valuable prizes as well as medals and diplomas. Special prize for promoting solidarity between nations or using new forms of expression will be given by UNICA.

One prize will be given by voting of the audience.

Special prize will be given to the filmmaker with the largest number of submitted films.


    CATEGORIES B & C – best film in each category will be awarded by the jury.


  1. Filmmakers should fill in the online entry form and send their entries via the Internet. Entries will be projected in the best technical and security conditions.


  1. The organizers may use entries for strictly for non-commercial purposes to promote the festival and make copies for the archives when authorized by the filmmaker.


  1. The organizers invite the filmmakers whose entries are in the official programme to come to the festival and offer free board and accommodation (June 6 – 9, 2024) but cannot cover travelling expenses.

All other filmmakers are also invited under favourable conditions.


  1. Deadline for receiving your entries and entry forms is May 3, 2024

Send your entries to



For further information please contact:


tel./fax: + 385 34 273 605

+ 385 98 520 560





Your contact details are protected in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulations.

Data processing manager: GFR FILM-VIDEO

You may ask us to correct or delete your details at any time.

(send an e-mail to




GFR FILM-VIDEO only uses contact information for the internal running of the Croatian One-Minute Film Festival. We never give or sell such information to others.


GFR FILM-VIDEO stores and uses for its internal operations, but does not make public the contact information for film-makers whose work is submitted to Croatian One-Minute Film Festival.

These are kept indefinitely, so that we can:

  1. a) contact the film-maker to inform that his/her film has been selected to the official programme
  2. b) contact the film-maker to arrange his/her board and accommodation during the Croatian One- Minute Film Festival (if the film-maker’s film is selected in the official programme)
  3. c) contact the film-maker to inform him/her about receiving possible awards
  4. d) giving info about our festival that will take place one year after the one in which the film-maker applied.